October 4, 2022

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Veterans Watch is now accepting U.S. Veterans member free sign up

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Free to sign up. Free to post.

Veterans Watch is owned by me Rich Leonard. I am a disabled U.S Coast Guard veteran. I set this site up as a place for veterans and active military personal to socialize, connect and help other veterans and active military personal, with jobs, find housing, find veterans benefit information and help veterans owned businesses. The help and information are supplied by other veterans or active military personal that have gone through it and know the ropes.

The site is free to join and post. I do charge for post if you want to add links to your post, this helps put spammers at bay and/or pay for post if you want to help me and support this site. The site is paid for and operated fully by me. Any support is greatly appreciated.

You may join Veterans Watch if you are a United States Veteran, Active Military, have a Veterans owned business, hire veterans, help veterans and/or their families from any U.S military branch for the purpose of creating a websites, communing with other veterans, helping other veterans, looking for help from veterans, looking for veterans benefit information, looking for a job and listing your veteran or military owned  company, business, organization or website.

Free Members signups are able to post free post without links in all the free categories available in their dashboard. These categories and post areas have paid options as well that allow you to post with active links. This helps prevent spammers from using the site and it helps me (Rich Leonard) a disabled veteran and owner of Veterans Watch to maintain and help pay for the site.

(a) To determine the difference between paid and not.
When in your dashboard free posting options will have:
“Free Posts” after it ie:  Articles Frees or Blogs Free Posts. No active link allowed 
When in your dashboard paid posting options will have:
A [L]s after it ie: Articles [L]s or Blogs [L]sActive Links allowed or supporting Veterans Watch 

What are you waiting for? It’s easy!  Its Free!

Join Veterans Watch

If you are not a U.S. Veterans or don’t fit into the criteria to join U.S. Veterans don’t worry you can still sign up for a free account at Area Control Network. the main site

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