November 27, 2022

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The Official Area Control Wiki

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Area Control now has over 17 wikis that are owned and maintained by me Renegades Rich 😉

Wiki Beer was the starting point to get these wikis going

It was kind of like my notebook in the beginning but now I think I wiki use it for a beer wiki 😁

If you want to wiki about source code or whatever check out my Source wiki

Finally found something to do with that domain name. 🤔

There are many more wikis. You can go to the Area Control Wiki to see the wiki list.

at this time I am working hard to get them all online. However most are ready for you Wiki Renegades to login and help me get them going.

I will be posting all of them here with their RSS Feeds as I get them going.

Here is the Area Control Wiki Feed, they will be slow going for a while.

RSS Area Control Wiki

  • User:Renegade Rich November 22, 2022
    Area Control Network changed group membership for Renegade Rich from (none) to bot, administrator, interface administrator, bureaucrat, suppressor, staff, IP info viewer and check user Admin
    Area Control Network
  • User talk:Renegade Rich November 22, 2022
    Adding welcome message to new user's talk page New page{{Template:Welcome|realName=|name=Renegade Rich}} -- [[User:New user message|New user message]] ([[User talk:New user message|talk]]) 16:56, 22 November 2022 (UTC)
    New user message
  • User:Renegade Rich November 22, 2022
    User account Renegade Rich was created
    Renegade Rich



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