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Renegades News My interest run wide so I have about 30 Niche websites. This is where I post all the information from my other sites, my YouTube channel and other social sites. Unfortunately I have been doing a lot of major updates and Renegades was the chosen to be neglected.  Here is the Renegades Feed. Renegades News is part of the Area Control Network.

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  • Renegades News and Physical distancing or is it social distancing April 1, 2020
    Fly on the wall news episode. We caught Satan and Death Scheming to destroy the world but they seem to...
  • Renegades News – The wealthy receive a stimulus March 31, 2020
    Hope you enjoy😁 its  my first news report! 👀💯
  • Renegades News Update. September 3, 2019
    Its been a while since I updates Renegades News. I have been very busy. I finally got Matrix Photos up...
  • Photo Dust Removal Tutorial July 29, 2019
    Photoshop Elements Noise Reduction and Dust Removal Tutorial So I am getting ready to Scan over 100,000 35mm Slides! A...
  • #FilmstocksParis July 29, 2019
    Description: ”Here’s my video submission to win a round-trip flight to Paris. Learn more about the #FilmstocksParis #Giveaway at”...
  • Greenscreen Madness July 29, 2019
    I made this video for my own referral. Feel free to check it out if you are bored. Don’t think...
  • Greenhouse Effect July 29, 2019
    This is a video i made to share: Text that is in the video. Scientists attribute the global warming trend observed since...
  • Science July 29, 2019
    Hi guys, Renegade Rich here. I created a video for one of my websites, thought I would share it here....
  • OLD MAN AND THE POND July 29, 2019
    Me – Richard Leonard at: and My Dad – Joe Leonard at: made this shot videos titled: OLD...
  • Moon Rising July 29, 2019
    The moon rising!


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