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RSS Edit Photography with Affinity

  • 60 Second Tip: The Instant Full-Size Check
    Here’s a quick and easy way to always switch between your zoomed-in view and a full size version of your image. It’s always good to see the effect of any adjustment at both zoomed in and full-size! For related videos, see here:…
  • Content syncing and app registration (Affinity Photo)
    See how to register and link your Affinity apps to your Affinity Store account, enabling you to quickly download purchased and free content directly into your app. Credits: Photography by James Ritson. More from: Affinity Photo
  • Visualising Changes in Unsharp Mask Sharpening
    When you are sharpening, it can be tricky when trying to see what parts of the image is being affected. Here’s a way to do this, temporarily using the Divide blend mode. This works particularly well with Unsharp Mask and where you…

RSS Edit Photography with Photoshop Elements

  • The EASIEST Way to Turn Your Photo to Cartoon! (Photoshop + Free App) April 13, 2021
    One of the Fastest and Easiest Ways to Turn Your Photos to Cartoons or Caricatures with Photoshop and Remini! In this lesson, we will learn how to accentuate the unique features of the subject using Photoshop, and give it a caricature look.…
  • Cut Out Dark Hair from Dark Background in Photoshop! April 10, 2021
    If selecting hair in Photoshop wasn’t infamous enough, imagine how notorious it can be to select hair where there is no contrast between the hair and the background! Yes, we are talking about masking either dark hair on a dark background or…
  • How to Fix Discoloration in Product Photos with Photoshop April 6, 2021
    Learn how to fix discoloration in product shots and surfaces using advanced blending modes and gradient maps. Whether you want to remove the blotchiness from the surface or give it a uniform color, in this lesson, we will go step by step…


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