May 24, 2022

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New York Times and Miami Herald to Take Control of Miami Real Estate

Miami has been called “the city of dreams”. That may very well be the case. Miami residents are an eclectic blend of leaders, doers, thinkers, introverts and socializers, extroverts and self-starters, writers, painters, musicians, coders and athletes. In fact, just to name some of the many millions who call Miami home, there are over one hundred and fifty professional sports teams in existence. Miami residents are proud of their “soft” personality and are known for being “down-to-earth” people, which is probably why so many of them have graduated from college and worked in the city for years.


Miami is a melting pot of culture and thought. The first two letters in the word Miami represent the ethnic groups that have made this city their home. If you look it up on the dictionary, the meaning is “a hot tropical climate with warm humid summers and winters”. It certainly describes Miami well. February 19,2021 is the day when the second largest ethnic group will migrate to Miami, as more Cuban immigrants come to the United States.

In this installment of “7 News Miami” we will take a closer look at the Cuban community in Miami and how their experience in Miami will impact their future in Miami. This report was produced as part of the “Havana Buzz” project, a joint effort of the Miami News and the Miami Herald. As part of that effort, the Miami News commissioned writer Darcy Youngerman to write an article about the impact that migration will have on Miami and South Florida in the next decade.

Youngerman interviewed several Cuban-American individuals in Miami and presented his findings in his article. He interviewed people such as Frank Capra, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and former First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The first lady was born in Miami and has been described by Youngerman as having a “big heart”. She was especially intrigued by the “Cuban style”. Jacqueline’s son, Fidel Castro is now a Miami resident and is seen frequently on the television sets from Cuba.

With the publication of this article, the Miami News has taken an interesting step forward in their coverage of the upcoming Miami Book Fair. The book fair is scheduled for later in the summer of 2021. That timing coincides with the two conferences that are being held in Miami. The conferences are World Hispanic Conferences and the Southern Florida Hispanic Exposition. With that in mind, the Book Fair promises to be a big deal for all of the companies and individuals associated with the South Florida book industry.

The author of this article, Darcy Youngerman, is a nationally recognized scholar of higher education. His research resume lists him as a doctoral candidate at Florida International University. He has served as an instructor at four different universities including the University of Miami, the University of Florida, the University of San Diego and Rice University. His publications have been featured in national periodicals such as the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and National Jurist.

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Youngerman also authored a book about the history of the Midnight Colonizers, which is gaining high praise amongst students and faculty at the University of Florida. The author of that book is Mark Twain, one of the most influential writers in the history of our country. Mr. Youngerman hopes that by sharing the stories of his students, he will be able to help those students who wish to go on to become “Midnight Colonizers” that they did not get a chance to know about.

The establishment of the Miami New Times marks another significant event in the South Florida Real Estate scene. The establishment also marks the addition of another venue where independent artists can showcase their work including local up and coming talents such as Miguel Montero, Jazzy Wire, Dweezle, Chase Rice, Justin Martin and others. Other notable musical acts include 21st Century Hotel Knights, Sunsets, Erykah Badu and CeeCee Strum and the B-roc Birds. Miami’s new business model of owning both the Times Herald and the New Times-Herald may just pave the way for even more drastic changes in the Miami real estate market.

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