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The News Control Network it the website that I am compiling out of several of my news websites into one. But mainly I am doing this incase I ever sell The Domain name that is one of main news site I have now.  Source is a great domain name for just about any project so I assume it will sell soon. I have been making news websites for about 20 years, including my oldest news website Area Control News However the goal here is to make one great news website. I have great news sources and like to share real news with the public. So bottom line is News Control will be my final and bets place for you to find news.

At this time News is not very populated but hopefully soon.
All News updates are now on the main news website.




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Welcome to Area Control My name Rich I own this site. To find out more about me, well.. You are at the best website to do that. I own many websites and domain names but they are all part of Area Control network. Even my personal website are listed here. Have a look around. Hope you enjoy your self. This is also the best website to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about any of my websites.

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