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Matrix Photos is the place where I sell all of my art work in 100s of different formats like prints, gift cards, business cards, very large prints and many more. All of my pictures for sale are of the highest quality for the best available prints! Since I have  over 100 domain names and websites I got lucky and bought the domain name and! Its .pictures domain name is forwarded to Matrix Photos and Its.Photos has a website where I keep up with all the software and cameras, drones and what have you.

Here are some feeds from Matrix Photos.

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Welcome to Area Control My name Rich I own this site. To find out more about me, well.. You are at the best website to do that. I own many websites and domain names but they are all part of Area Control network. Even my personal website are listed here. Have a look around. Hope you enjoy your self. This is also the best website to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about any of my websites.

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