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I have owned for close to 20 years I have always tried to post the best news from the real sources. I have a fetish for good true and informative news. Area Control Network has been created to try and help this network of websites make some sense! Area Control compiles news from around the world and the internet to post the important news for you so you dont have to spend hours searching for real news. is more focused on the U.S.A. is where I update all of the text news sources form the government and us military However as for the main news website that post all this news and more you should go to the News Source. If you want just the text news post you are at the right place. Below is the news feed from



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Welcome to Area Control My name Rich I own this site. To find out more about me, well.. You are at the best website to do that. I own many websites and domain names but they are all part of Area Control network. Even my personal website are listed here. Have a look around. Hope you enjoy your self. This is also the best website to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about any of my websites.

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