August 9, 2022

Area Control Netowrk

100’s of Domain Names and Websites a knowledge base of Real News, Tips, Freeware, Science, Niche news and Information

About Area Control Network

Area Control Network Is a large news network using 100’s of domain names and websites as 100’s of Domain Names and Websites. A knowledge base of Real: News, Tips, Freeware, Science, Niche News and Information.

Area Control Network main site is always changing and upgrading. In due time people will have the opportunity to Join Area Control Network and create accounts and list their websites in the Area Control Network. You can’t log in yet put feel free to brows around the new site as I updater it. Go To: Area Control Network

You may use the contact information on this site for any inquiries and contact about any of my websites. Or you may now Contact Area Control from the new website! My replies will be faster from that contact page.

Area Control Network is starting 3 new sites in the network. All 3 sites will have the ability for social, listing and a directory by adding your sites to the Area Control Network.

The 3 sites are 3 of my major cares and concerns in the network. Thes sites are all in their beginning stages and still under construction at this time


I started Area Control over 10 years ago. You will find news feeds to all of my news websites here. The main news site is at ACN News. Area Control also sells those domain names, you can view the whole list here at: Its Domains

All of the “Area Control™ Network” domain names and websites in the Area Control Network, “It’s Domains” (  “Its Network” ( and all other websites, domain names and sub domain names ie: (https://”anyname” are now refering to the Area Control Network site for:

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